Upvise Pro CRM 5.4.5

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Mobile Cloud CRM Platform for Small Businesses

Upvise Pro CRM provides mobile cloud CRM for small businesses. Think about it like Salesforce, SugarCRM or SAP for the rest of us on any mobile. With Upvise Pro CRM, you can organize and share information with your co-workers, and sync data between all the mobile phones and web accounts in your company.

Upvise Pro CRM application suite offers Business class contacts, tasks, projects, sales, ideas, expenses, files, notes & work orders.

Business Contacts Manager:
Keep track of who your business talks to, what was said, and what to do next. Assign contact-related tasks to yourself or co-workers. Custom Fields, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce and Yahoo import via Web Interface. Integrates with built-in Android Contacts, Dialer, SMS, Maps, Email, Also include a call Log Manager with email reminder.

Follow and track Leads & Opportunities. Manage your Product catalog and create Quotes for your customers. Links to Notes, Contacts, Companies & Tasks.

Get things done quickly (GTD). Manage all your todo & tasks in one single view, including project and contact-related tasks. Organize them in list. Assign tasks to co-workers.

Manage your internal and customer projects, create tasks, milestones, issues and assign responsibilities. Get things done.

Organize, store, and share your company knowledge and data.

Gather feedback and manage the ideas you get from your customers, partners, and employees.

Track your business expenses easily while on the go. Use reports to organize and track expense claims for all the employees in your company.

Work Orders:
Manage work orders and jobs on the field.

Manage your delivery jobs. Assign jobs to your delivery people.

Collect on-site data forms on your mobile and consolidate and export them as Excel sheets on your computer.

View and manage all your file attachments in Upvise Pro CRM applications

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